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HGH should ideally be used for 20-30 week cycles (or longer). The dosage should be between 2-3IU per day if you are using GH primarily for fat loss, 4-6 IU’s a day for both fat loss and muscle growth. It is best to split your injections 1/2 first thing in the morning, 1/2 early afternoon if your dose is above 3.0 IU’s per day. Your pituitary will naturally produce about 6-7 pulses of GH per day. Each injection you take will create a negative feedback loop that will suppress these pulses for about 4 hours. By taking your injections first thing in the morning and early afternoon you will still allow your body to release its biggest pulse, which normally occurs shortly (about 2 hours) after going to sleep at night. By utilizing this morning afternoon routine, you will also effectively combat the natural times that cortisol peaks to its highest points (which is early morning – highest, next highest – afternoon for a typical schedule).
When starting out with your HGH cycle, for most people it is wise to begin your dose at 1.5 – 2.0IU per day for the first couple of weeks, and then begin increasing your dose by 0.5 units every week or two until you reach your desired level. While it isn’t an absolute necessity to do this, if you are sensitive to the type of sides HGH presents you will oftentimes avoid these sides of joint pain/swelling, and bloating/water retention by slowly acclimating to your ultimate 4-5 IU/day goal.
You should use a U100 insulin syringe for injecting HGH and inject it subQ into your abdomen, obliques, top of thighs, triceps. Rotate injection sites. HGH can have a small localized fat loss benefit, so keep this in mind when choosing your injection sites.

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Our Objective towards Growth and Success

Our Objective towards Growth and Success
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